Celebrating 2015 and Looking Forward to 2016 at Legacy Drum Shop

Happy New Year!!!   On the last day of the year, many of us naturally reflect on the past year and hopefully make an effort to set some goals for the new.  “What did we do right last year?” … “What could we have done better?” … “Wow, look how much progress we made!” … or “Wow, we’re kind of in the same place we were last year.”  This reflection can be bolstering or it can be deflating, depending on how the year played out AND how you look at it.  We are celebrating our successes and LEARNING from our shortcomings …

At Legacy Drum Shop, we’ve been a bit nostalgic about the past year for many reasons.  Mostly it’s because it was a year of tremendous growth and giant steps for us.  Last year at this time, our brick and mortar shop was only 5 months old.  We had a handful of new Sabian cymbals, a few new starter kits, some sticks, heads and accessories, but mostly we were still a used drum shop.  We were new on the scene with high hopes.  We hadn’t really made a name for ourselves and our online presence was almost nonexistent, but we were growing and we knew we were on to something.

During 2015 we picked up tons of new brands like Zildjian, Paiste, Roc n Soc, Aquarian, Pork Pie, Taye, DW, Remo, Evans, Istanbul Mehmet, Vic Firth, Promark, Dixon Drums and Tama Drums and Hardware.

Swag at D's Tavern We also started getting out and spreading the word.  In June we started sponsoring jam night at D’s tavern with Mike Hammer.  With the assistance of our little rock star Conner (to the left), we have given away hundreds of pieces of swag including t-shirts, water bottles and golf towels.

In July we had a blast at “Drummers Night Out” with Sabian.  We had the honor of dining with Glen Sobel of The Alice Cooper Band, Shawn Pelton of the Saturday Night Live Band and the legendary Bob Rupp of Sabian at the Hard Rock Café here in Denver.

In July we also sponsored cymbal endorsements from Istanbul Mehmet to three of our local drummers including Howard Ogg (Michael Scott Band), Philip Weightman (Hot Lunch) and Craig Cottrell (Swerve).  Each of the winners received cymbals, a swag package from Istanbul Mehmet and interviews on live radio by Rockin Raven here in the shop. IMG_5064

In August we celebrated our 1st anniversary with an awesome all day party.  We had such a great time and were so busy that we failed to take ANY pictures.  Epic fail on our part but like I said, we learn from our shortcomings.  Our only memorabilia:

Legacy Drum Shop Flyer UPdated - Anniversary Party 2015 Legacy FB ad Aug 1

In December we sponsored our 1st drum clinic with Dixon Drums and Zildjian Cymbals, bringing Gregg Bissonette to town.  Here are a few pics – click here for more details on the event, a drum solo video and to see more pictures.  The clinic was held at the Toad Tavern and was a blast.  It launched our first new drum set line coming into the shop (Dixon Drums of course) and was a great move on our part.  We literally sold out on Dixon drum sets the first week!

In December we also brought Tama Drums into the shop and even sold one complete kit before it was even taken off the truck – another big play for us.  We’re competing with the big guys now and we’re doing it well.  We remain committed to our original values.  To give drummers a place to talk drums, to trade in gear, to always know they are getting a fair price and to always walk away feeling like they got the best deal in town.

Now, getting back to our 2014 “almost nonexistent” online presence.  As I mentioned, we weren’t really out there.  Today we have over 15 Five Star reviews on Facebook and over 600 people following us.  Our website is getting pinged from all over the world (thank you Google analytics, because watching this is a kick in the ass).

So, what is our plan for 2016?  We are going to keep getting even BETTER.  We are continuing to bring in new brands.  We are expanding the website with special order options plus sticks and heads.  We are continuing to look for ways to get out there and be involved.  One event that is already in the works is an all-day, live music benefit for Mile High Scenesters taking place in April.  If you’re a band who would like some exposure or simply wants to help us raise funds and awareness for youth music programs please let us know and we’ll get you in the line-up.

We’re excited for 2016 and we hope you are too.  We would love to hear from you so please feel free to comment below or on the Facebook post.  What do you have to say about the past year and 2016?

Thank you for following us and thank you for your feedback and thank you for loving drums.  Happy New Year 2016!

Clinic Fuse Artist Profile Maple Drum Kit

Fuse Artist Profile Maple 4pc Kit-$899.99
3 plies of Maple, 3 plies of Mahogany. Sea foam sparkle lacquer finish. 12, 16, 24, with matching 6.5×14 snare drum.

Kit was used for the Gregg Bissonette clinic on 12/2/15. Snare and toms are autographed.


New Cymbal Endorsement Deals coming to Denver Drummers

Legacy Drum Shop is in the business of helping drummers, it’s what we do.

With that purpose in mind, we’ve partnered with Istanbul Cymbals to offer 3 endorsement contracts to Metro Denver drummers this summer.  Let’s shine some light on the crazy talent we have locally!

“How do I get in on this?” — you may be wondering.

Here are the requirements:

  1. be a gigging drummer
  2. have gigs coming up
  3. be willing to switch brands and gig only with Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

Any genre of music qualifies.

To be considered, please drop off your promotional package and show schedule to the shop by July 1st 2015.  We can’t wait!


Drummers Helping Drummers


Tony Williams Cymbals – the story

Tony Williams’ Cymbals were iconic, no doubt.  The story behind the creation of the replicas is magnificent.


A person can’t help but feel nostalgic when reflecting on Mehmet Tamdegar’s and Colleen Williams’ project to recreate the sounds of the precious cymbals played by Tony Williams.  Mehmet Tamdegar is the owner of the Istanbul Mehmet Company in Turkey and Colleen Williams is none other than the wife of the late Tony Williams.  Back when Tony was playing with Miles Davis’ Quintet in the 60’s, Tony set the bar high … a bar that drummers continue trying to reach today.

“There ain’t but one Tony Williams when it comes to playing the drums.  There was nobody like him before or since.” – Miles Davis


This year, eighteen years after this masterful drummer passed on, replicas of Tony William’s prized cymbals will come out in limited quantity.  Only 250 replica sets were created and they’re numbered, creating even more buzz and more sense of scarcity.  Dealers are climbing over each other to get their hands on these works of art and wouldn’t you know it, every set apportioned for US consumers is already spoken for, as I learned yesterday from my contact at the Istanbul Mehmet Company.

So, what makes these cymbals so special, you might ask?  Is it because of the “drier, darker, trashier sounds” they produce?  Is it because Tony’s mentor, the great Max Roach gave them to the drummer in the first place?  Well, probably, but it’s also because the sound they produce is iconic.  So iconic that Tony continued playing them long after many would have retired them to the memorabilia case.  They were cracked, had been drilled multiple times to stop cracks, chunks had been knocked off of them, and they were still his prized cymbals that he wasn’t going to stop using.  The scars on these treasures only added to their amazing sound and Istanbul Mehmet took it upon themselves to match those acquired sounds without Tony there to play them into submission.

Now, what types of cymbals are we actually talking about?  The four cymbals we are talking about include a 22” Ride, an 18” Crash and a set of 14” Hi Hats.  All masterfully scarred by years of playing, creating distinct and one-of-a-kind sounds.


  • The Ride – “a unique combination of dry, clean stick sound, with complex, dark, orchestral overtones” (excerpt from the Istanbul Mehmet brochure) –  is the one that had multiple keyholes to stop the cracks from spreading.  It was also missing a large chunk off of one side – literally, large chunks flew off while Tony was playing from time to time … and it still sounds GREAT!  In fact, most would argue that the wear and tear improved the sound of the cymbal.
  • The Crash – The artisans at Istanbul Mehmet Company recreated the sounds that years of wear and tear created over time on the Crash as well.  Just like the Ride, the Crash had cracks; funny enough, these cracks caused no buzz in the sound of the cymbal at all.  What the cracks did do to this piece was accelerate the decay of the crash sound.  Staying true to the project, the makers used extra hammering and lathing to recreate this effect so that the replica also has this built-in “attenuator”, which accelerates the decay of the crash.
  • The Hi Hats – without cracks and chunks missing from them, these must have been the easiest pieces to replicate because they were the first of the set to be approved.  They do look stunning and fit together beautifully as they are crafted to nest together like the originals did due to years of playing.

Simply amazing … for this extraordinary set to be replicated in the first place is a great task to be taken on, since the originals were crafted sometime in the 50’s, but for the original set to be replicated with all of its acquired flaws to sound just like those that Tony played for years is unprecedented.  Now, remember who Mehmet Tamdegar is?  An entertaining thought to ponder is that Mehmet Tamdegar, owner of the Istanbul Mehmet Company, was working in the Turkish factory where Tony’s original cymbals were made.  He was ten years old at the time and was just starting as an apprentice.  Now, some six decades later, Mehmet Tamdegar has replicated those same cymbals in his own factory.

See, I told you it was nostalgic!

More nostalgia:  Tony’s wife Colleen personally hand carried the original cymbals to Istanbul, Turkey so that master artisans could recreate them.

And some more: Istanbul Mehmet Company pulled the original, antique cup dies from their archives to be used once again.  The very same dies used on the original cymbals!

We’d love to read your comments – tell us what you’re thinking about this release. I’ve seen some naysayers on some forums but I’m curious if knowing the story behind the project makes a difference.  For those of you who can’t resist and absolutely must own a set of these cymbals, give us a shout.  We have one set coming in and it won’t last long.Tony-Williams-Cymbals---original

Drummers are SO SMART! Here’s why!

Interestingly enough, my cousin shared this article on Facebook yesterday.  While the headline talks about drummers being smarter than everyone else, the real gist seems to be that rhythmic sounds have a powerful effect on your intelligence and happiness.  So, if you’ve been drumming your entire life, there’s a good chance that you’ve enhanced your IQ, and your parents’ IQs if you’re any good!  This article also talks about how these rhythmic sounds help kids with ADD to focus in addition to increasing their intelligence.  [Parents – you might want to look into this]

This is very interesting – DRUM ON!  If you don’t know how – maybe it’s time to TAKE SOME DRUM LESSONS!!!

Check out the full article here:

New study claims that drummers are more intelligent than everyone




Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

Browsing Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals this morning, I came across a video for you!  For those of you

who already dig these cymbals, ENJOY!  For those of you who don’t know what they are, here is your chance to

figure it out.  Legacy Drum Shop has just established dealership with this company and is happy to provide Denver with

access to these amazing works of art.


You can also learn more at their website:  http://www.istanbulmehmet.com/about.html

Have a GREAT WEEKEND drummers and drummer lovers!

RUSH FANS: Neil Peart’s Time Machine Kit Close Up Video

For all you Rush fans and / or avid noise makers: I found this video link on Sabian’s site of Neil Peart’s Time Machine drum set and thought guys would find it interesting.  This gives you a close up view – 360.  Pretty Cool!

Click here to check out the video!

Look below to view the pic!





Big Kick out of “Beware of Mr. Baker”

I have to say that with the recent death of Jack Bruce of Cream, I have been drawn to all things “Cream” lately.  So … this morning I was up early – too early – and treated myself to 1 1/2 hours of Ginger Baker.  I was scrolling through You Tube videos and found a Ginger Baker documentary titled “Beware of Mr. Baker” so of course I put on my headset and cranked it up.  This movie walks you through the life of Ginger Baker from his childhood recollection of World War II through his time with Cream, Blind Faith and other bands.  This guy is a humorous personality to say the least and the highlight for me was when he used his cane to clobber the film-maker from inside his car.  I was laughing out loud when my wife came out of the bedroom, still half asleep, looking at me like I’d lost my mind.  Now, some of you may not know something about Ginger.  He isn’t just a drummer – he is an all-around musician who can do EVERYTHING music.  I mean, it’s amazing how talented he is.  I just had to share this with my fellow music lovers because a lot of these drummers don’t get the credit they deserve.  Please go check out this documentary and see for yourselves!

ENJOY!!!  Here’s the link:



Rogers Holiday Kit – COMING SOON!

We can’t wait to get started on restoring this kit!  This Cleveland Era Rogers Holiday kit just arrived this morning and has a 12,16 and 20 with cymbal mount.  We’ll show you how great it looks once it’s cleaned up…. although it looks pretty great already!


(In the meantime, we will entertain offers.)

Love Jazz? Where to go October 18th!

This isn’t really a blog, but we just had to write about it.  On October 18th, you can see two shows by the Joe Anderies Quartet (one of our favorite customers).  They’ll be at 930 Lincoln Street on October 18th at 7:00 and 9:00 PM.  Don’t miss this!!!

Link for tickets


Exciting Times!

As many of you have noticed, we are growing!  A once “home based” business has gone retail on Littleton Boulevard (1218 W Littleton Blvd to be exact).  We have a huge selection already but are still adding displays and still have equipment to move in so check back often.  We’ve also begun adding a shopping cart here on the website and have vowed to complete the product pages THIS WEEK!  We’ll make an announcement when the website is fully “shoppable”.

We’ve noticed that you’re checking us out – don’t stop!  We are building momentum and it is only going to get better!

Also, don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook to be entered into our August 31st drawing for a free double pedal.

Legacy Header

We’re Here!

Hello Drummers –

This is our first post to kick off our new website.  We are now accepting credit cards and will have the shopping cart up and running soon.  In the meantime, feel free to email or call to make a purchase.  Shipping is available!