Vintage Sets

Price: $2,000.00
8ply Rock Maple shells in Red Lacquer - see details
Price: $400.00
See details - Free Shipping.
Price: $2,500.00

82' Ludwig Shell Pack
13, 14, 18, 24-6 ply Maple shells in white cortex wrap. Deep shells with modular hardware. Local pickup only due to size and weight.
Price: $650.00
Ludwig 6pc Concert Tom Shell Pack
Big sizes 13,14,15,16,18ft,24 in chrome over wood. Comes with fiber cases. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY due to size and weight. - used
Price: $750.00
Red 60's Premier
Pre-international sizes: 12, 16 and 20 - please contact us before purchasing this kit for important information.
Price: $550.00
Grey 70's Premier
A 1970′s Premier Kit with very RARE grey shimmer finish – Sizes are 13, 16 and 22 - used
Price: $550.00
Black Diamond Pearl - See Details
Price: $350.00


Legacy Drum Shop in Littleton Colorado has vintage drum sets and vintage drum parts coming in regularly.

Check back frequently, stop by and even call or email to find out what else we have!

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